A Day at the Museum

Museum of Flying Cockpit
Museum of Flying Blue Angels

Our search for the ideal venue for our first Rendezvous Market led us to the Museum of Flying at the Santa Monica Airport.  It's centrally located, easy to reach - just off the 10, plenty of free parking and really cool!  We met with Dan and Steve from the museum and were totally sucked in by their enthusiasm.  We hammered out the details in Donald Douglas' actual, retro-cool board room.   We were like a couple of kids; sitting in the cockpit of the 727 with the live broadcast from the control tower, ogling over the Lockheed Vega replica that Amelia Earhart piloted as the first woman to cross the Atlantic; a flying car; racing jets; a Blue Angels plane; and the super cool micro jet James Bond flew in "Octopussy".  

If you're a plane buff - you'll love this place - if you're not a plane buff - you'll love this place!  Oh, and we flew the amazing flight simulator…let's just say leave your hats and glasses behind…this really does loop-de-loops!  We're SO excited to partner with the Museum of Flying for our inaugural flight!!!