We're Inspired!

We are continually inspired by the amazing talent of our vendors. One artisan who stands out to us is Mei Elizabeth. Her jewelry is exquisite and wearable. Every time Kim wears the beautiful wire-wrapped and crystal ring she bought from Mei, she gets loads of compliments.  We love Mei's tagline - do good and live well.

But there's another reason we're so inspired by Mei. She donates a portion of her proceeds to the UN Refugee Relief Organization (UNHCR) to help in their efforts to rescue, rehabilitate and house refugees displaced from their home country due to war, genocide, natural disasters and political, racial and religious persecution.

As the daughter of concentration camp survivors and war refugees herself, she hasn't forgotten that without the help of UNHCR, and the kindness of strangers, she wouldn't be here today.  

'Survivor' -   ‘  nhia no roa  ’ in Khmer, the ancient Sanskrit based language of Cambodia

'Survivor' - nhia no roa’ in Khmer, the ancient Sanskrit based language of Cambodia

To further her mission Mei recently launched The RISE Collective, inspired by the epic journey of her family who were enslaved in Cambodian concentration camps during the Khmer Rouge regime and to honor her brother who fought so hard and lost his battle against slavery during their escape to freedom. 

The signature survivor cuff is handcrafted from recycled munitions by local fair wage Cambodian artisans.  Every purchase provides a year's worth of school supplies to a child in need - empowering them through education.  

Thank you Mei - you inspire us to do good and live well.