Rendezvous Market

Each Rendezvous Artisan Market is a destination event of hand-picked local artisans. Our Festivals are perfectly executed personal experiences. They're relevant, wholesome and always FUN!

Cohorts Kim Sharp and Donna Humphrey have spent the last seven years in the trenches together building one of the most recognized brands in the community festival realm, the Abbot Kinney Festival.  Along the way, an effortless friendship formed and a shared passion for festival production.  They both realized that what they created in the heart of Venice was something special and decided to expand their vision and take their show on the road! A formidable union was born.

There's no shortage of  great craft markets. To separate ourselves from the pack we realize that the key to our markets is the location. We seek out the most interesting local venues to create the perfect environment for our markets.

In this fast-paced, mass produced world, we recognize the importance of quality craftsmanship and are proud to create an authentic community for our talented vendors to offer their unique goods. We feel we're part of the solution. Equally important to our core values is giving back.  That's why our markets are also fundraisers for our partner venues or local non-profits.

We put our hearts and souls into creating a truly memorable event.

We welcome you to Rendezvous with family and friends and experience a Life Well Crafted.

Rendezvous Office
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If you know Kim, then you know that traveling with friends and family is her favorite thing on Earth. What many don’t know is that while she’s taking in the sights, she’s also keeping an eye out for the next great Rendezvous Artisan Market destination. This is where work and play collide into a beautiful creation... finding new and exciting locations to serve as weekend homes for these incredible artisan craft markets.

Although Kim’s been producing festivals and craft markets for over 12 years, she continues to thrive on the mechanics of a new market. She loves the late night brainstorming with her partner in crime, Donna, she still gets butterflies the night before the big weekend and she's still filled with awe and satisfaction when the last guest leaves. Kim loves her life and wouldn’t trade it for the world. When one market concludes, she honestly can’t wait to start planning the next Rendezvous!


Donna Humphrey shares the helm with Kim, and brings extensive large scale event production and her entrepreneurial experience to Rendezvous Market.  

She loves rolling up her sleeves and tackling new projects. The Yin to Kim's Yang, Donna enjoys their late-night brainstorming sessions, laughter they share, and just having fun making fun together.

 She's committed to conscious living and promoting Fair Trade principles. She can while away her days wandering through flea markets, junk shops, (curbs & alleyways), hunting for treasure. Happiest outdoors, Donna enjoys camping, hiking, kayaking and exploring off-the-beaten-pathways - always keeping a curious eye open for potential Rendezvous Market venues.

Oh - and did we mention her devotion to the LA Kings?!